Summer Projects: Due Aug 31st:

Summer Projects: 



Sequential Three


10 Sketches


Museum Visit



300 Total Points


Sketchbook: 100 Pts

Sketchbook:  Using a sketchbook draw 10 sketches spending at least one-five hours on each sketch.

10 observational drawings. Please do not use a photograph as a reference. Must be from life. If you need to get proportional training such as proportions of the human body or face, you ma practice that in between your 10 sketches. 

 Objective to observational drawing: Practice drawing by looking and studying things in life in order to understand the relation to the object to the world around that object, the light and shadow in, on and around that object while skillfully applying observations onto paper. 

1. A plant, or something that grows outside

2. Something outside that has depth

3. A repeating feature or features of a person (eye, nose, ears, mouth)

4.  A person or people

5. A hand or hands

6. A figure or figures (a human body)

7. The inside of a room

8. Fabric and folds

9. The outside of a building.

10. A self-portrait looking in the mirror. 

·         o   The Sketchbook is worth 40 points (10 points each sketch)

   Projects:  120 pts

Sequential Project: 3 fully developed projects emphasizing techniques you know, want to explore next year during AP or Honors Art.  These pieces are worth 40 points each totaling 120 points. 

o   Projects must

·         be 9 by 12 inches or larger

·         be all finished to receive any points

·         have three thumbnail sketches attached to each piece

·         be sequential

·         spend at least 3 hours on each project. 

    Museum Visit: 80 pts

Museum or Art Gallery Visit: You may choose to write about one of the four ideas.  Must be typed and at least 1 page (300 words).
    • Write about the experience
    • Write a critique using the critique sheet about one or more art pieces.
    • Write about how the work had moved, empowered or encourage you.
    • How will you use what you have learned today in your own art work?
    • You may use my art appreciation rubric for help

Museums and galleries close to U-Prep:

Shasta College Art Gallery: 11555 Old Oregon Trail  Redding, CA 96003

Shasta Art Council: 1313 Market Street Redding, CA 96001

Tuttle Bay: 800 Auditorium Drive, Redding, CA 96099-2360

Second Saturdays:  Galleries around the area put on an art show.  Visit

Museums Close to the area:


Crocker Art Museum:  216 O Street Sacramento, CA 95814

San Francisco: 

De Young Museum:  50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive  San Francisco, CA 94118

SFMOMA:  151 3rd Street (Between Mission and Howard) San Francisco Ca, 94103

Palace Legion of Honor:  100 34th Ave San Francisco, CA 94121