Junior High Art Syllabus

Junior High Art Syllabus

Instructor:  Lura Wilhelm:  Email:  Lwilhelm@suhsd.net  Phone:  245-2767 Ext:  16132

Course Description:

In this class we will be exploring art through sketchbook activities, life skills and projects.  We will be drawing, painting, working in 3D, multicultural art and printmaking in this class.  We will explore a variety of techniques and mediums.  Projects will be related to the state of California and National Common Core Art Standards, elements and principals of design as well as cultural and historical concepts attributed to art.  Each project will have a main objective as well as a rubric with set guidelines directed towards a final grade.   


Each student is able to use any materials present in class.  Though we are unable to ask for a lab fee, we would like to ask you for a donation for your child’s use of materials in our classroom.  This contribution is not required but without donations our program will not be able to create the projects needed for your child’s success in the fine arts.  The art department needs to buy materials for each student participating in art throughout the school year.  Please contribute $35.00 for the first and second semester (note: this contribution may be written as a donation on his/her taxes).  We appreciate your generosity as it helps to keep our program strong.  If there are any issues and you are unable to contribute, please see me privately and arrangements can be made. 

**How to donate?  You may bring check or cash to the U-Prep cashier.  There they will give you receipt.  I will need a copy of the receipt in order to keep track of the Art Department Account in order to buy supplies when needed.  Remember, all donations are 100% tax deductible and anyone can donate.  We would gladly take donations for other students in the class

**To get our art classes started with new supplies this year, we ask you to please bring your donations by the end of the 2nd week of school.  If you are contributing in check please make your check payable to U-Prep.  If you are donating with a check, please write your student’s name in memo section.                                                                                                                           

Classroom Behavior:

  1. Be on time and prepared to work
  2. Follow class rules and system
  3. Be respectful of school property, artwork of others, materials, peers and instructor
  4. Follow all school policies
  5. Use proper language:  No swearing or vulgarities.  Ethnic, gender, and religious discrimination will also not be tolerated.
  6. A pass is always necessary to leave a room                                                                                                                                                                   

Discipline Level(s):

1st time will be a warning.

2nd time will be either a seat change/conference or a referral with a phone call home or           

asked to sit outside class until able instructor is able to talk with student.

3rd time will be a referral

4th time will be a trip to an administer with a phone call home


If problems persist, sever discipline will result in a conference with an available U-Prep Administration, student, parent/guardian, teacher and counselor.


Please note:  Each assignment has a set of requirements that will be presented in the monthly posting of assignments.  Each assignment will have a set of guidelines and will have a visual reference online or a video that demonstrates the project.